About Us

Young / Innovative / Technology Specialists

2,500+ Users Can’t Be Wrong

With our customer base steadily growing, we embrace new technology as and when it becomes available. We evolve with our customer base and implement tried and tested methods and devices at the earliest opportunity, keeping you the client one step ahead.

About Us
  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    We recover data from almost any device, from Servers & workstations to external drives and memory chips.
  • Cyber-Security


    Protect your data, we provide the solutions to equip you against evolving threats.
  • Cloud Storage & Backup

    Cloud Storage & Backup

    We have various packages to provide you with services and storage in the cloud with encryption.
  • Network Solutions

    Network Solutions

    We provide a complete start to finish solution. From initial consultation, to hardware and software procurement, finally installation & sign-off.
  • Schools & Colleges

    Schools & Colleges

    We supply and install Computer Hardware and Software to Primary & Secondary Schools, Colleges and Private Education establishments.
  • Public Sector

    Public Sector

    Niche-IT have an extended client dossier with Government institutions and sensitive semi-state bodies. We currently support some aspects of the Prison service, Army and Navy, HSE, and private subsidised institutions.