Remote Support

We use both Teamviewer & Splashtop for Remote Access

Remote Access

Worldwide Connectivity

Our main support tools for remote access are Teamviewer & Splashtop. We also use Remote Desktop Client Software for both Windows and Mac. Some of our clients already have sonicwalls and fortinet installed in which case sometimes we use the VPN client. In each instance you can be rest assured you are only one click away from help. Call our helpdesk for more information.

If you are already a client, click on the teamviewer link or splashtop link to download our support software.

Download Teamviewer

Click on the icon to download.

Download Splashtop

Click on the icon to download.

Code for install is: LWPZRTRLLZW4

Remote Desktop - Mac

Click on the icon to download.

Basic Remote Support €25

per month

1 User
Remote Desktop Support
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Silver Support €40

per month

Basic Support +
Office Support
Email & Hosting Support
Engineer Callout
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Gold Support €60.00

per month

Silver Support +
Server Support
Backup & VM Support
Firewall Support
Emergency Response
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