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Keeping people connected.

\"\"Let\’s face it – being able to get nearly-instant access to all the knowledge of the world, no matter where you are, is pretty nifty. WiFi has reshaped how we do business, how we shop, and basically how we live our lives. It\’s easy to take it for granted.

Wireless Solutions & Diagnostics We can evaluate your current system & replace or fix it

We’ll help make sure you have a network you can depend on, day and night.  We will configure and support a network that fits the way you work. Our solutions take all your hardware into account as we design network solutions taking every server, PC, switch, router, printer, and backup unit into account.

Our staff have a wealth of networking experience gained through the setup and support of hundreds of networks, from small home and home office networks through to large scale and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Additionally, we offer fully managed network services, remote access networks and provide advice on the right network equipment for the job, and we’re able to supply and install both wired and wireless networking products at very competitive rates



We talk to our customers to determine their specific needs. Our skills and expertise cover a wide range of Wireless and LAN network solutions.


We provide customized solutions to support business needs today and tomorrow. Niche-IT has extensive experience in network designing and its implementation.


We install and test every device, we optimize and improve the scale ability of your network, basically future-proofing your companies needs. 


We believe in providing support from concept to completion. Our Solutions are backed by , System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty and long term customer service relationships.